Cloud Security

Penetration testing on the cloud is unique, bringing its own set of security considerations. While some vulnerabilities are mitigated through security measures, the complexity of these services leaves many companies exposed. While the flexibility is great to have, it’s also a significant security concern. 

What is a Cloud Security Assessment?

Traditional security infrastructure and cloud infrastructure differ in various ways. From setup and configuration to identity and user permissions, the technology stacks could not be more distinct. Whether you use Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure or Google Cloud Platform (GCP) – we can secure your cloud environments.

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How We Test


User-Operated Services

These cloud offerings are primarily created and configured by the users themselves. These can be thoroughly tested and have few restrictions.


Vendor Operated Services

Cloud offerings which are owned/operated by the by the vendor, and provided ‘as a service.’ Testing against these services focuses on implementation and configuration.


Expert Cloud Consultants

It is crucial to seek out experienced security engineers to aid in assessing your cloud infrastructure.


Assessment Reporting

Once the engagement is complete, we deliver a detailed analysis and threat report, including remediation steps. Our consultants set an industry standard for clear and concise reports, prioritizing the highest risk vulnerabilities first.


Complimentary Retesting

We provide complimentary retesting following project completion. This allows you to verify your remediation work has been implemented securely and the identified security risks have been closed. 

Any Questions?

Why Us?


Industry Leaders

Needsec and our partners are leaders within the information security industry with combined experience of more than 25 years. Our team hold a range of industry-leading certifications including; OSCP, OSWE, OSCE, CREST CCT, Tigerscheme SST, Cyberscheme CSTL and CISSP.


Client Centric

I'm sure our past and present clients would agree - we really do go the extra mile! We offer a great degree of flexibility, great value and in-depth advice and knowledge. We also like to think of ourselves as some of the brightest and most innovating cyber security professionals in the UK.


Expert Reporting

Our reports are unique and set us apart from the rest of the industry. Executives, management and technical teams will all easily understand the assessment findings. Following remediation, Needsec provide complimentary retesting.