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Needsec is a boutique, top-tier provider of penetration testing services. Led by the best in the industry, our penetration testing team is constantly involved in security research, presenting at conferences and developing new attack capabilities.

Focused on communication and presentation, we work with developers, security engineers, and CISO’s, ensuring all parties understand the assessment findings. Documentation is similarly a top priority – with a range of example penetration test reports to review, we ensure you know exactly what you’re getting before selecting a vendor.

Penetration Testing Services

We have a range of penetration testing offerings to meet your needs. Whether a cloud penetration test, web application penetration test, social engineering assessment, or something more unique, we have the specialists to handle it.

Web Application Penetration Testing

Needsec leads the industry in web application penetration testing, identifying vulnerabilities in a range of programming languages and environments. From webapps in highly scalable AWS environments to legacy apps in traditional infrastructure, our security experts have helped secure data across the world.

Infrastructure Assessments

Needsec's approach to network pentesting goes above and beyond standard vulnerability analysis.  With decades of combined security experience, our assessment team identifies, exploits, and documents even the most subtle of network vulnerabilities.  When you’re concerned about your network security, you want the top pentesting company to review it.

Red Team Assessments

Red Team Engagements are an effective demonstration of tangible risk posed by an APT (Advanced Persistent Threat). The assessors are instructed to compromise predetermined assets, or “flags,” using means that a malicious actor might utilize in a legitimate attack. These comprehensive, complex security assessments are best suited for companies looking to improve a maturing security organization.

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Both business and public organizations today are using mobile apps in new and compelling ways, from banking applications to healthcare platforms. Managing security risk is a growing challenge on these platforms, with new vulnerabilities found every day. Is your mobile app safe from attackers?

Cloud Configuration Reviews

Penetration testing in the Azure cloud has important differences from an on-prem assessment.  This range of unique technologies often leads to complications in security architecture and configuration– as well as the penetration testing process itself.

Simulated Phishing Attacks

A phishing assessment attempts to gain sensitive information or access from a target user through coercive emails. This method of engagement is particularly effective, as attackers can often leverage public information to craft compelling emails while impersonating someone trustworthy—perhaps even individuals within the target organization.

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Why Us?


Industry Leaders

Needsec and our partners are leaders within the information security industry with combined experience of more than 25 years. Our team hold a range of industry-leading certifications including; OSCP, OSWE, OSCE, CREST CCT, Tigerscheme SST, Cyberscheme CSTL and CISSP.


Client Centric

I'm sure our past and present clients would agree - we really do go the extra mile! We offer a great degree of flexibility, great value and in-depth advice and knowledge. We also like to think of ourselves as some of the brightest and most innovating cyber security professionals in the UK.


Expert Reporting

Our reports are unique and set us apart from the rest of the industry. Executives, management and technical teams will all easily understand the assessment findings. Following remediation, Needsec provide complimentary retesting.