Simulated Phishing

A phishing assessment attempts to gain sensitive information or access from a target user through coercive emails. This method of engagement is particularly effective, as attackers can often leverage public information to craft compelling emails while impersonating someone trustworthy—perhaps even individuals within the target organisation.

Simulated Phishing Assessments

Phishing is the act of sending malicious emails to a target. The attacker may go to great lengths to establish credibility and then prompt the target to provide personal information such as passwords or PIN numbers. Despite being an older technique, phishing attacks continue to be very effective and remain a consistent threat to businesses.

How We Test


More Than Just an Automated Service

We go beyond automated testing with a full attack simulation to identify the impact of phishing against your business.


Targeted Spearphishing Capabilities

Spearphishing is a targeted phishing attack to a specific user (rather than a generic pretext to a group of people). These engagements begin with with reconnaissance and information gathering in order to identify the best possible chance of success.


Scenarios and Payloads

These specifics include identifying departments, user roles, and associated  scenarios. We ensure that each targeted user is researched thoroughly for the most successful engagements.


Engage Targets

Our emails often prompt the user to interact by clicking a link, submitting credentials or downloading a malicious file. The emails and subsequent landing pages are crafted to appear authentic, often mimicking other sites and services.



After completing the campaign and aggregating results, a final report is delivered, providing both executive summary and specific details. The report also includes a thorough breakdown of risk, as well as remediation steps and documentation of successful phishing attempts. 

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Why Us?


Industry Leaders

Needsec and our partners are leaders within the information security industry with combined experience of more than 25 years. Our team hold a range of industry-leading certifications including; OSCP, OSWE, OSCE, CREST CCT, Tigerscheme SST, Cyberscheme CSTL and CISSP.


Client Centric

I'm sure our past and present clients would agree - we really do go the extra mile! We offer a great degree of flexibility, great value and in-depth advice and knowledge. We also like to think of ourselves as some of the brightest and most innovating cyber security professionals in the UK.


Expert Reporting

Our reports are unique and set us apart from the rest of the industry. Executives, management and technical teams will all easily understand the assessment findings. Following remediation, Needsec provide complimentary retesting.